The Borough Green Recreation Ground Pavilion

The Pavilion, as described in "DIY Village" was built in the 1950s by volunteers.


 The words below are extracted from minutes of Parish Meeting held in the Western Hall, Borough Green on Monday 11 th March 1946   

Rev  D. E. Westcott in the chair                                                       

Over 200 electors were present when Miss Oxley  said that certain sums of money had been raised to send parcels to prisoners of war. There was a balance in hand but no more parcels were required. Also money had been collected or given as War savings in “ salute the soldier week.” And resolutions would be put forward as to the disposal of these funds.


            It was then proposed and seconded that the balance of the Borough Green “Prisoners of War” fund, amounting to £166 2 4 should be devoted to the development of the recreation ground as a war memorial and thanksgiving for Victory. The Chairman put this to the meeting and it was carried unanimously.


            It was further proposed and seconded” That the use of £134  17 3 (???) raised by the Borough Green Women’s institute in “Salute the Soldier “week, should be given to the recreation ground Improvement Fund.  This was put and carried nem con


            It was then proposed and seconded “that the above sums totalling £300 in the hands of the Women’s Institute and now earmarked for the Borough Green memorial Fund, should remain in the custody of the Women’s Institute  until the find is nearing completion, and that the parish Meeting should accept the Institute’s offer to raise another £200 so that the pavilion to be built in the recreation ground may be the Institutes gift to the generation that has so nobly fought for us.


            This was also put to the meeting by the Chairman and carried unanimously with acclamation and thanks.


            The Rev D. E. Westcott was also thanked for taking the Chair and conducting the business in such an efficient and able manner.


            These minutes were read at the parish Meeting held on 17th Match 1947 and signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record.



 This is the Pavilion

just after it had been

officially opened


Not only is it our War Memorial,  but it is a tribute to the Volunteer Ethic that still exists today. It is held in trust for the Village by the Parish Council, who had sadly let it deteriorate and decay, the final ignominy being their plans in 1995 and 2003 to demolish it, prevented by a public outcry. The powers that be just don't seem to get it: unlike the full frontal attack below, the 2003 effort was much more undercover, but ultimately doomed to failure 


These pictures show the sad deterioration of the Pavilion.



 In 2003, a group of young people from the Drop-in Centre spent a couple of days repainting the building so it would look its best for the upcoming Summer Fete.

This was thank you for the community labour and money that went into building the Drop-in Centre the previous year

 In 2004 the Parish Council was finally forced by public opinion to spend money having the roof repaired to save further deterioration to the fabric of the building. Ariston Roofing carried out the work, saving the old tiles from the whole roof, and using the best of those to refit the fron, whilst the back was laid with modern concrete tiles. Ariston have a well deserved reputation for sympathetic work on older buildings, without costing English Heritage prices.

 .;In 2007 the Parish Council finally decided to spend some money on the Pavilion, and Simmonds of Wrotham were contracted to carry our the work.I would have preferred to see a more community oriented rebuild using small local builders assisted by volunteers, but that wasn't to be, but the important thing is that our cherished pavilion is finally being preserved as a crucial part of our village heritage
Below we have a selection of pictures from Frank Bangay's collection, all now archived on his son Ian's website

Yes, that bank was all dug out by hand.....

Parish Council Pavilion Project

Above is the Borough Green FC Committee, L-R: Reg Pulfer, Frank Bangay, Frank Fuller,  Bert Bailey lurking in the back, & P Weller and F Weller. (Thanks to Campbell Higgins and Ian for error correction)

New ceiling in the old shower room, now the officials changing room. All the rear windows have now been bricked up.

Pictured above, courtesy of Ian Bangay's photo website, are some of the local volunteers, resting from their labours.Seated on the left at the top of the steps is Big Jim Allingham, who lived in Hillview until  his sad death last year.

The Pavilion is a treasure that we must preserve. It says more about Borough Green and its people than words ever can. On an early summer morning, with the  sun just rising over the woods, and falling on the Pavilion and the surrounding stand of mature trees in full summer leaf, it truly is a Diamond in an engagement ring.