Isles Quarry - Hazlebourne Introduction




Isles Quarry is an incredibly complex chain of events, with crucial events running from 2003 to 2016, but there are several important issues highlighted below, with detailed evidence contained on many other pages. This evidence is all public domain and can be cross-checked , it isn't just my opinion. I have tried to summarise the main issues below, but anyone onterested needs to look carefull at all the EVIDENCE

In 2003 Hanson met BGPC Chair Sue Murray and a Senior TM Planner, and showed their confidential plans for IQW, this was passed on in secret to the Parish Council of the day.(thrown out in 2011)

In 2005 Borough Green PC drafted its Parish Plan, culminating in a Public Exhibition that mentioned Isles Quarry as derelict and requiring restoration.

Immediately after that exhibition, Sue Murray and Barry Hughes altered the Parish Plan by inserting "Action Points" supporting Isles Quarry Housing, and submitted it to Brian Gates, that Senior Planner at TMBC, where it played a crucial part in duping the Planning Inspector into approving IQW. The Inspector was kept unaware of surface contamination from industrial use, unknown buried waste in the landfill, or the risks of subsidence and contamination of the River Bourne.

In 2007 at the LDF Inquiry we belatedly discovered what had been done, but despite years of fighting, TMBC granted Planning permission in November 2013. but the Inspector was never given the evidence that this was a 1950s unregulated landfill site still emitting methane after 60 years.

In 2010 & 2011 TMBC Executives lied to TM Councillors, and began an (unsuccessful) campaign to silence dissidents in Borough Green. We then took over the Parish Council, and two seats on the Borough Council

Crest Nicholson began clearing surface contamination before that permission was granted, and buried it on site further south. During that movement of contaminated material, only one single sample was taken, and that outside the worst areas.Crest have been subsequently required to retest the area where the contamination was buried, but Crest were unable to find any evidence of elevated levels of contamination.

TMBC's Scientific Officer failed to visit the site at all until Feb 28th 2014, long after the contamination had been moved and buried. She testified she saw it all safely in a storage area. Whilst Crest have carried out over 1000 test samples, as far as we are aware TMBC have not yet taken a single sample anywhere on site.

It was discovered that Crest had been importing (despite tests) topsoil for garden with high levels of arsenic.

Over the past 8 years I have slowly winkled out more and more evidence, but one thing still baffles me. TMBC get their New Homes Bonus for the site, Crest will make a profit, but what do Sue Murray, Barry Hughes, and the old Parish Council actually get out of betraying their village?  absolutely baffling!

It was discovered that Crest had carried out significant piling without carrying out mandatory water tests on the Bourne.