We have been given a copy of a letter from the Borough Green Garden's Consortium sent to all local organisations. We are afraid that it is a bit misleading: 


 1 " A Relief Rd that will reduce traffic, air quality and noise issues".

The much touted relief road will not work because the new development will introduce at least 6000 extra cars, plus vehicles using the employment areas. This Relief Rd is actually a development spine road, and will increase traffic, pollution, and noise, particularly during the 15 years of construction of housing it will be so clogged. And as for reducing noise, the plan is to pile the entire site because it is all landfill, and we all remember the horror of the noise from piling at Isles Quarry and A-Z. And we will also have 15 years of HGVs extracting the remaining millions of tonnes of sand, and importing even more millions of tonnes of Landfill, the holes have to be filled before they can even build the road.

2. "2 new primary schools"

True they are planned, but will they be built at the beginning of development to take the new children as new families settle, or will our existing schools be swamped for the 15 years or more of development?

3. "GP Surgeries"

Wrong, the submission suggest " a medical centre", not Surgeries plurals, and we have no guarantee that these will be built and staffed to take the new patients as they arrive in the area. As with schools existing facilities will be swamped. The entire NHS is already struggling to find enough GPs to cope.

4. "Significant contributions to Wrotham Secondary School"

Again, an outright lie - this Secondary School Funding has already been re-allocated to provide a new secondary school at Bluebell Hill, read the Local Plan! So even more traffic generation.

5. "Significant areas of Open Space"

It may have escaped their notice as they sit in their offices counting their chickens, that we already have "Significant areas of Open Space", that's the Green bit where they want to build their houses, all those fields and woods, and the North Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

6. "protecting the highest quality Greenbelt by building on former quarries"

The Sand Mafia and their planners need to be reminded in the strongest possible terms that the land they propose for development is already Greenbelt, and once they comply with their Legally required Restoration Conditions, this land will  be indistinguishable from Greenbelt that hasn't been excavated. Mineral Extraction permissions are temporary.

In the interests of transparency and democracy, I include their website address here, but remember to treat all their claims with scepticism, they are not doing this as a favour us or TMBC, they are in it purely to line their own pockets, already bursting with money from Mineral Extraction and Landfill. Their 143 hectares of land with planning permission is worth £2,500,000 to £3,000,000 per hectare. You do the maths !!