The Inspectors Letters & KCC A20 Improvements


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Planning Inspector's FIRST Letter TMBC PLANNERS Censured  Very good analysis of the letter by Pete 

Planning Inspector's SECOND letter  TMBC are in deep trouble - quote "without quarrel or delay"

Planning Inspectors THIRD letter  By now TMBC should have complied with all the Inspector's wishes, and they should now have received a date for the Examination. Apart from the delay while TMBC go out to consultation on all the recently supplied new evidence, the Inspectors want sight of all the Draft Consulation so they can approve it. So Ian Bailey's optimistic "mid-October" slides a bit further into the future.

And the Inspectors are still unhappy about TMBC's "publication" of all our Consultation responses. The essence of the word "publication" is public.

 But by far the most intriguing part of the letter  is the splitting of the examination into two parts, Phases 1 & 2. Phase one has 3 requests:

1. Compliance and procedural, outside my expertise, but very interesting.

2. Greenbelt - reading between the lines it would seem that TMBC have not yet have justified their use of Greenbelt land for housing to the Inspector's satisfaction

3. Site Selection, which may refer back to (2), why have they not selected all those non-greenbelt sites?

And TMBC need to answer all those questions before the Inspectors even consider setting a date for the proper examination in Phase 2.

PROTECT OUR GREENBELT  sign the petition

 KCC A20 HIGHWAY IMPROVEMENTS (Maidstone Integrated Transport Plan)

(KCC Report)

The reason this is intensely important to us, is that TMBC have repeatedly told us that they couldn't use sites at Aylesford, Ditton and Hermitage Lane because Traffic Studies showed that the A20 could not carry anymore traffic. They said that gave them no option but to use Greenbelt here for the housing requirements of the Local Plan

This Improvement Scheme and the A20 Ditton Scheme will allow these Aylesford Area sites to be used, preserving our Greenbelt.

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Below : At least she will be able to tell her children what it was like before the bulldozers moved in and changed this into 3000 houses.