We are pretty convinced that Borough Green Garden City will not fly, but we cannot trust TMBC not to "fudge" the issue and include it all in the Local Plan with a rider that the Relief Rd must be built first. Once the Inspector has approved it, TMBC will then allow developers to apply for tracts of housing with only "partial" or "Phased" road building.

The Mineral Applications referred to on the previous page are:

1) H+H Celcon have permission to excavate sand on their Eastern Extension, which TMBC have allocated for housing. This Planning Document from H+H Celcon shows quite clearly that sand extraction will not be completed until 2042, and yet TMBC still show it as housing in the new draft local plan below as available now and due for completion before 2030. We have categoric assurances from H+H that they will not be putting housing on their Eastern Extension, nor will they allow Commercial or Residential development on the restored Ightham Quarry, which is required for the route of the "Relief Road". Add to that the contamination surveys for this land Survey A and Survey B it can be seen that the western end of the Relief Road doesn't go all the way from Darkhill to Nepicar, so it isn't a Relief Road, and so there are no Special Circumstances for devlopment in the Green Belt.

2) Borough Green Sandpits have just received approval to excavate sand  from the small triangle in the centre of their pit, with a time limit of 2038. And none of the land to the north, the route of the Relief Rd has even been applied for yet. This is a safeguarded site in the Mineral Plan, and cannot be developed because of strategic mineral reserves.

The Parish Alliance will fight this scheme, but we may need to employ Legal and Planning consultants to present our case.

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